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Here you will find all events that will be hosted & attended by Robanna Shop. If you have any events you would like to attend or invite us to, please feel free to email us at We will also be posting about any news related to the shop, trends, or fashion.

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  • Olivia- We will be definitely doing some street fairs within the upcoming weeks and fall. So keep an eye out for that with our newsletter, posts, or social media. As far as pop ups go, we currently do not have any set up to do at the moment. But it does not mean we won’t in the future.
    Steph – At the moment, we are only an online boutique. Though we may not be in a physical store , we will be doing street fairs soon. We will keep the RS tribe updated in a variety of ways. Posts on our site. Join our newsletter. Join now & receive a discount as well. You can also follow any of our social media like Instagram & Twitter to keep updated with our news & products.

    • Robanna Shop
  • Does any store carry your products, have a physical store, or are you just an ecommerce?

    • Steph
  • Yay so excited. Been waiting to see if you were doing any events. haven’t seen anything on the IG about it. Are you guys doing any street fairs or pop up shops soon? I love your bracelets , but admit it would be awesome to see some of it in person.

    • Olivia