About Us

Hmmmmm...so you want to get to know the story behind the shop....Well let the woman behind the shop tell it best.




Shop Owner & Designer: Berenice Alvarez


Current Shop Vibes: bohemian, hippie, gypsy, earthy, celestial, millennial

Story:   My entire life thus far has been a long series of DIY moments & life hacks. I feel like Pinterest could have had a ball creating an entire pin board with just some of those moments. ::Giggle::  

   The best creativity comes from those moments. On the fashion aspect of that - on several occasions I'd try to shop for what I had in mind but would not find it. Or it would be that I could not afford much especially as a young adult & knew I could just tweek the stuff I already had. My clothes and jewelry definitely were always reincarnated by the efforts of my minds and hands.  Eventually that lead me to one day start teaching myself how to create items for myself from scratch. People took notice whether it was in person or on social media. Next thing I knew,, I found myself taking requests to create items for others.

And then BAM...

      Here we are today with the Robanna Shop launched online. All items are handmade - down to even the tags and labels. Selling happiness - one stylish item at a time....Or more than one...You can totally order more than more. Jeez why are you still reading me! Go SHOP your little stylish heart out!


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